Learn all there is to know about Inscription so far in the WoW Dragonflight Expansion
We've explored all there is regarding Inscription so far in the WoW: Dragonflight Alpha testing. Inscription is one of Dragonflight's crafting professions that will be affected by the new Crafting Orders system. This guide will continue to be updated throughout the Beta and Live versions of the game, so be sure to bookmark and come back at each update!
The first thing to note is of course, with the game currently being in Alpha phase, there will be much difference in the live version (we hope). This includes how the profession is working, as well as the screenshots we provide. Some interesting tidbits right now about how it is operating, which should hopefully be adjusted before the game goes live are:
What do these mean? If at least one of these points does not get adjusted, milling may be more tedious than it has ever been. With this out of the way, let's get down to the facts.
Within each profession in WoW: Dragonflight, you will have terms that affect your crafting efficiency. Resourcefulness, Inspiration, and Skill all affect your crafting outcome at one time or another. These can be increased through your skill level as well as your specializations as you level them up. When we explore specializations later in this guide, you will learn more about how to increase these stats. These terms and the new specializations are all part of the new Profession Revamp for Dragonflight!
Here is an example of what each term means. Let's assume you currently have 5% of each stat for Resourcefulness and Inspiration, and 70 Skill.
Some other stats will factor into your crafting depending on the items you are making:
There are 5 pigments you can get from milling herbs in WoW Dragonflight. Currently, every herb gives Shimmering Pigments, plus one other pigment. They also have approximately a 10% chance to yield certain Awakened reagents. Hochenblume is the exception in regards to pigments, as it will give 2 Shimmering Pigments of potentially different qualities.
These are the herbs and the correlating pigments they give:
After much testing, we have some indication of the drop chance of Awakened Fire, Frost, Air, and Earth. The drop chance does not appear to have any difference between quality of herbs. When we changed the herb quality from 1 to 3, there was no noticeable difference in chance to obtain an Awakened reagent.
The percentages always hovers around 10%. We tested and milled through each herb over 1000 times each (5000 herbs each) on quality rank 1 and again on quality rank 3, and in every scenario, the amount of the corresponding Awakened reagent hovered between 9% to 11%.
In order to unlock the ability to craft Darkmoon Cards through the Darkmoon Booster Pack, and to unlock Darkmoon Deck Boxes and Sigils, you will need to start your specialization in Archiving. As you increase your Archiving skill and its subsequent specializations, you will find crafting speed and efficiencies will become more optimized.
In addition to the cards and sigils, you will want to utilize the Draconic Treatise on Inscription to help increase your knowledge of the Dragon Isles Inscription. This will add specialization points for you to spend on increasing your skill points and resourcefulness in Archiving activities.
Here is a listing of the recipes unlocked when you specialize in Archiving:
The Inscription Rune Mastery Specialization offers 5 avenues of increasing your efficiencies in Inscription in Dragonflight. Each of these choices will help increase Resourcefulness, Inspiration, Skill, Multicraft Chance, or Crafting Speed.
Here are the choices within Dragon Isles Inscription: Rune Mastery:
The Runebinding specialization states that it "allows you to specialize in binding powerful runes into your equipment used in both professions and combat, as well as crafting the most powerful equipment to take down the strongest foes the Dragon Isles has to offer".
The skills within the specialization increase your skill amount as well as all of the other modifiers we saw in Runemastery. Runebinding also allows you to unlock the ability to craft the Scribe's Resplendent Quill (Profession Tools) and the Weathered Explorer's Stave (Staves).
Here are the choices within Dragon Isles Inscription: Runebinding:
Now that we have covered the specializations, let's take a look at all of the other recipes you will be able to obtain directly from the trainer. You will find these recipes as you level up your Dragon Isles Inscription, before you unlock the specializations' goodies.
There we have it, that is all we currently know about Inscription in WoW: Dragonflight. As new information comes to light or changes, this will continue to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest information. There is clearly much room for improvement in the profession, as we look at the descriptions of some of the text in these specialization choices.
There is a lot of repetitiveness and seemingly more complexity than there needs to be. All in all, the crafts made with Dragon Isles Inscription are in line with how we have seen this profession in the past, with some cool new features to boot.
Get ready to spam mill your herbs and mass create your Darkmoon Booster Packs!