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Parenting is far from easy, and sometimes, a good mom hack can make your day a lot easier. Just ask Shannon Doherty, a mom of four who's also an entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and a TikTok sensation with more than 1.9 million followers. Shannon is known for her viral parenting hacks, recipes, crafts, and clever DIY activities. She also has her own store, Coco and Lala, a boutique for women and children. 
Shannon explained, "I am a mom of 4, and as I was building our community online, I realized there was a big interest in how I am able to accomplish as much as I do running businesses and with 4 children!"
Shannon said, "I am a mom of four children, so my life is basically a 'mom hack.' Every day I am coming up with little ways to make our life easier which inspires me to create new content and share!" We all want to make our lives a little bit easier, right? Here are the products from some of Shannon's famous mom hacks.
E!: Social media is usually a highlight reel of our most successful/happy moments. Do you have any advice for parents who may feel intimidated by people who make things look easy on social media?
SD: One thing I really try to do on my page is be relatable. I am not a professional baker but I try and love cooking, so my recipes tend to be easy! My DIY projects are not always perfect and I really try to inspires mom's to just TRY! Trying is the first step!
E!: What's your top mom hack for summer?
SD: Bring a collapsible laundry basket and a mesh bag to the beach for sand toys and towels!
E! Tell me about your backyard beach tent hack and why it's the best $20 you'll ever spend.
SD: This was so FUN! I wanted to make a little beach on our back patio for the kids. The tent was perfect because it created a shaded area, that kept them protected from the sun, and also keeps animals out! Perfect little place to play in the sand and super easy to set up! Also safe from the rain! Bonus mom hack- use cinnamon in your sand areas to keep bugs away!
E!: Tell me about the road trip essentials for a long car trip with kids.
SD: We are always taking road trips to sport events and family vacations so there are a bunch of items I absolutely swear by for long road trips!
"Use a fishing tackle box used to hold snacks."
This two-piece set has 4,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews.
"A shower caddy is a great way to organize food in the car for each family member!"
This shower caddy comes in five colors.
"I found lap desk trays that are great to use to write on or eat on in the car!"
This tray also comes in blue and red.
"Mini fans are a great find to use in case any one gets car sick." 
This fan has 11,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews and it comes in 5 colors.
"Dry erase markers are my kids favorite, they are allowed to draw on the windows with them and they are easy to wash off!"
These markers have 63,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews.
E!: Talk about using a shoe rack organizer in your car
SD: BEST HACK! I put these behind the two front seats and fill with everything the kids would need in the car!! That way if they need something they can just grab it themselves and we are nut turning around the whole car ride!!
This shoe organizer comes in 4 colors and it has 71,400+ 5-star Amazon reviews.
E!: Talk about the silicone air fryer liners that you found.
SD: These are awesome! My air fryer was always getting so dirty and it is hard to clean, so the second I found these liners I was so excited! They are reusable and the perfect size! Keeps everything clean!
You can also get these in blue and black.
E!: Eating corn can get messy and hard to hold. What products have you found to make this easier, especially with kids?
SD: My kids love corn!! The corn holders are perfect size and easy for the kids to hold their corn with. 
"We found this butter spreader, which makes it super easy to butter you corn and looks cute on your table!"
"We also love the individual corn plates!"
E!: Tell me about the towel holders you found for the beach.
SD: My towel was always flying away on our chairs at the beach! These towel holders are easy to throw in your bag and keep your towel in place all day, will not blow away and easy to find! 
E!: Talk about the sunscreen stickers that you found and why they're a mom essential.
SD: These are awesome! I never know if it is time to reapply sunscreen and these stickers are so easy, you put them right on when you apply sunscreen and when the sunscreen has worn off they turn purple so you know to apply more!
These are an E! Shopping Editor favorite too
E!: Talk about the mess-free painting pad that you found. How does it work?
SD: Great mom find! Finger paint can get so messy and everywhere, but my family loves it! This painting pad is great and easy to use, makes great pictures, easy to refill and EASY to clean!!
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