Tiger Woods is gracing the cover of a golf video game for the first time in nearly 10 years.
On Wednesday, the 15-time major winner confirmed that he will be the cover star for PGA Tour 2K23. Woods last was featured on the cover of the PGA Tour EA Sports game for the 2013 version.
The official announcement will be released on Monday, Aug. 22 when 2K Sports plans to unveil the cover and game features.
The 46-year-old was seen on the cover of the PGA Tour video games from 1998 in its first release all the way until the 2013 version because of a partnership between the golfer and the company. The game was even called “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” for its first 16 versions.
The following year after Woods’s partnership ended is when back injuries clouded his golf career, causing him to miss various tournaments for years to come. However, in 2018, he began making his comeback by winning the Tour Championship, followed by winning the ’19 Masters.
Woods has been playing less in the last year and a half due to a car accident he experienced in Feb. 2021.
In 2015, Rory McIlroy took over Woods’s spot on the cover and the namesake until the PGA Tour ended its partnership with the video game in ’18. PGA Tour 2K21, which was released in 2020, was the first new version of the beloved video game. 
This means, there’s only been two versions of the PGA Tour video game without Woods on the cover.
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