Cloudy skies. Low around 70F. Winds light and variable..
Cloudy skies. Low around 70F. Winds light and variable.
Updated: August 16, 2022 @ 7:19 pm
Cloudy skies. Low around 70F. Winds light and variable..
Cloudy skies. Low around 70F. Winds light and variable.
Updated: August 16, 2022 @ 7:19 pm
(Photo Credit: Richland Library Main website)

(Photo Credit: Richland Library Main website)
Residents of Richland County can take advantage of a free alternative to buying supplies for entrepreneurial endeavors, school, craft projects and side hustles, through the Library of Things at Richland Library. 
The Library of Things is a collection of items available for checkout at Richland Library Main. Library card holders in good standing and over the age of 18 can borrow a wide range of items for a week at a time. Card holders can go to, click the ‘log in’ button, log in with their library card information and reserve an item.
The Arts and Media Assistant Manager at Richland Library, Kelsey Andrus, said the purpose of the collection is to make sure tools and resources are available for members of the community. 
“Our purpose is to allow people to check out objects that might be cost-prohibitive or space-prohibitive,” said Andrus. “Or if you don’t know if you want that particular model, you can kind of test it out.” 
The collection of items is geared towards entrepreneurs, usually creatives, who may not have access to such equipment otherwise. Richland Library created the Library of Things in 2019, to allow library card holders to check out some of the resources in the library’s maker studios. Services were temporarily shut down during the pandemic, but the was back up and running by October 2019.  
The resources available from the Library of Things has steadily increased and have expanded to include an opportunity for card holders to checkout software. 
“We just expanded our collection quite a bit, and we are in the process of cataloging all of them and getting them in rotation,” said Andrus. “We have a little bit more yard equipment, some newer media arts equipment like new cameras and updated things there. It’s actually a really large influx of items.”
Andrus added, eventually, Richland Library hopes to expand its Library of Things to include additional collections at branch locations. This would expand the community of people who have access to its resources. 
Items available for checkout in the Library of Things include materials like a wide range of landscaping and gardening tools, ladders, a pressure washer, laser level, drill kits and other tool kits. Creatives and craft-makers can borrow crafting kits and tools like a wood-burning kit, sewing machine, scanner, binding machine, shredder, laminator, heat gun, embroidery machine, hot glue gun and more. There are a variety of items available for media artists as well, like speaker systems, lighting and production tools, professional cameras, projectors and screens and the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
A large aspect of the Library of Things is also the Seed Library, which offers vegetable, fruit and flower seeds. The complete list of available items can be found on the Library of Things webpage. Along with the listed items, eligible card holders can also request a custom, 3D printed item
According to Andrus, The Library of Things is not the only resource Richland library offers entrepreneurs, creatives and students in the community. The Makerspace offers an on-site place to learn about and use equipment like printers, saws, compressors and more. The Business, Careers and Research Center, located on the third floor of the library, gives library card holders a place to work on resumes, practice job interviews, explore new business and career opportunities and speak with people who can help. 
“We have an entrepreneur in residence and we have staff who know a whole lot and focus on entrepreneurship,” said Andrus. “So they have a massive amount of resources up there, for anybody who’s entrepreneurial based. Or student-based, they’ll help you do research as well.” 
Those interested in learning more about Richland Library’s resources click here to visit the Richland Library’s website.
Riley is a digital content/ multimedia journalist intern for ColaDaily. She is a journalism student at the University of South Carolina.
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