MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Tail Chaser Brew, a new locally brewed dog bone broth created by two iconic Minnesota brands- Craft & Crew Hospitality Group and FINNEGANS, launched this week in Cub Stores throughout Minnesota and at more than 70 breweries, hotels, and restaurants.
Tail Chaser Brew came out of an idea from David Benowitz and Luke Derheim of Craft & Crew Hospitality Group, which owns six dog-friendly restaurants and bars across the Twin Cities. The Craft & Crew Restaurants have been welcoming dogs for many years, even having a special menu for them so it is no surprise they have created a dog brew—just for them!
“We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind bone broth brew that could be used both as a meal topper with nutritional benefits and also a special treat for dogs,” said Benowitz, co-owner of Craft & Crew. “Tail Chaser Dog Brew is unlike other dog brews on the market as it is 100% clean, made with just seven natural ingredients, no salt, preservative or fillers.”
Benowitz and Derheim reached out to a friend and now partner, Jacquie Berglund, founder of FINNEGANS about the dog brew idea, and she did not hesitate to get involved. Tail Chaser Brew is now locally brewed at FINNEGANS in Minneapolis.
“We are thrilled to not only be brewing Tail Chaser Brew but also offering it to our special dog customers who frequent our bar and patio with their dog owners,” said Berglund.  “Our FINNEGANS Brew Crew takes much pride in brewing this healthy bone broth and are excited to see it available at Cub stores and other retail outlets in the future.”
Beginning August 16th, Tail Chaser Dog Brew will be available at all CUB stores in Minnesota and retails for $7.99 for a four-pack. Tail Chaser Dog Brew bone broth is also available to purchase online at tailchaserdogbrew.com and available at all Craft & Crew restaurant locations, FINNEGANS, and more than 70 breweries in Minnesota and coming soon to North Dakota and Wisconsin.
And Tail Chaser Brew knows that taking the best care of your four-legged friend is important, no matter what your circumstances, which is why Tail Chaser Dog Brew is working with Pets & People together, a local nonprofit that provides pet food to food shelves in the Minneapolis- St. Paul metropolitan area for families facing economic hardships. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Pets & People together.
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