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Eagan has a new restaurant that features scratch cooking, craft cocktails and an open kitchen.
Kitchen and Rail, in the busy Promenade Place, was started by a couple of friends, one of whom has extensive hospitality experience.
Victor Salamone has been in the industry for a long time — some of the greatest hits of his résumé include helping grow Famous Dave’s franchises (and owning a few of them) and working at Hilton Hotels as the director of food and beverage operations. His family also owned a restaurant in Milwaukee, where he grew up.
Salamone said Kitchen and Rail is inspired by his experience, but also by his sister, who died of cancer about five years ago. She organized a tour for him of dozens of neighborhood restaurants in his hometown, and he decided he wanted to start one.
“I would like to bring a little of this neighborhood urban experience into the suburbs, and I’ve lived here for 20 years, so Eagan made sense,” Salamone said.
The menu is an eclectic mix of family recipes (including his nana’s meatballs), bar snacks, and of course, some smoked pork. Chef Charlie Torgerson, formerly of Famous Dave’s, is the culinary director.
There are also craft cocktails, ranging from a house rum and cola old-fashioned and a few other tiki-inspired drinks to a simple martini.
“I took my experience, my home recipes, and blended those with recipes I’ve loved from all over the world,” Salamone said.
Salamone met one of his business partners, Joe Newhouse, at their day jobs with Matter, a nonprofit that helps fund community projects. Newhouse’s specialty is branding and marketing, which is helpful when launching a restaurant.
The restaurant seats about 115 people, and there will be another few dozen seats on the patio, though outdoor furnishings have been delayed by supply-chain issues.
The restaurant, which will start with dinner service and add weekend brunch this fall, opens Tuesday.
Kitchen and Rail: 3344 Promenade Ave., Eagan;
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