Find out where to fill up your vehicle for less this Sunday
After months of sky high inflation in the USA, there has been good news for consumers and for drivers as gas prices have fallen in July and August.
That said, they do still remain a lot higher than they were half a year ago, given that they got so high around the time of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Therefore, it definitely still makes sense to take the time to look around for the best price.
To help with this, we’ve put together this guide to the cheapest gas stations in the 10 biggest cities in the USA.
The US state that has the highest gas prices has long been California. The price finally fell back below six dollars per gallon last month, but is still relatively high at 5.37 dollars per gallon.
The US state that has the lowest gas prices is now Texas, which has moved top in this ranking as the average price there is now 3.47 dollars per gallon.
When it comes to finding the cheapest gas stations in the USA, these are the lowest-priced places to get gas in the top 10 most populated cities in the country:
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