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Creating arts and crafts with nature helps develop creative skills, pass the hours, and create an appreciation of the natural world. This subset of crafting also encourages crafters to get outside. Nature crafts are for kids and adults alike with some crafts being more sophisticated and others being simple in design. Crafts made from nature empower us to choose our own natural materials and to consume less fabricated goods. Here are some fun and creative nature craft ideas for you and your kids to try.
These craft ideas with nature require the crafter to be coordinated and follow directions well for more detailed finished projects. These natural crafts make great decor and fun DIY gifts.
This project is excellent for cold winter evenings and makes a lovely holiday decor piece. Have your child collect boughs and leaves. You can also add biodegradable glitter or marbles. For this project, you’ll need round containers— one large and one smaller one that fits inside. A smooth tin can and a coffee can work great.
Place the small can inside of the large can. Fill the large can with water until it reaches just below the rim of the small can. Add the natural decor elements to the water. Then, put it in your freezer or leave it to freeze outside overnight. When it’s frozen, remove your ice block from the cans and place a battery-powered candle inside to light the night.

You only need a few simple craft materials for this gorgeous bookmark craft. Gather some flowers from nature and get ready to preserve them through a drying process. They become your key natural material for crafting in this beautiful pressed flowers bookmark tutorial from Lil Tigers. This craft is fancy enough for adults and teens to create polished professional looking bookmark crafts and simple enough for younger children to make a more rustic version.
Painted rocks are one of the most accessible and versatile nature crafts for adults and kids alike. There are endless rock painting ideas for inspiration. Adults can make more detailed, fancy rock patterns while kids can go for simple, abstract designs. Painted rocks themes can include everything from seasonal designs like Easter rocks to games. Kids can paint their rocks as fruit, monsters, eggs, or gemstones— whatever their heart desires. 
Consider hiding your painted rocks around the community for discovery. This activity is a great way to get some family exercise while sharing the joy.
You can also paint rocks to create board games, like checkers or tic-tac-toe. If you have a stump in your yard from tree removal, you can paint this as your game board. Conversely, wood slabs cut from the stump can be polished and stored indoors.
Try these easy to make ornaments made with birdseed and simple ingredients from your pantry! They are fairly easy to make and they are fun to hang on the outside of your windows or in the bushes around your yard. Bitz & Giggles provides a full tutorial for birdseed ornaments.
These fun nature crafts are easy, affordable, and nearly mess-free. Try them when you want your kids to get outside and pass the time.
There are several ways to engage in leaf printing. For this project, you’ll need some fabric. Pillow case covers and tote bags work exceptionally well. Have your children pick out leaves and flowers from around the yard.
The first approach to leaf printing uses the sun to leave an impression. This craft works best with darker fabrics. Pull the fabric taut and rest the leaves and flowers where you want imprints. Then, leave it lying flat in the summer sun for a whole day. When it’s done, bring in the fabric, remove the leaves, and give it a wash. You should have a two-toned piece of fabric with leaf impressions.
The other approach crushes the leaves and flowers into the fabric. This craft works best with lighter fabrics. Lay the leaf or flower under the fabric and use a rock or mallet to tap all over it gently. When the imprint of the plant becomes visible, remove the debris from the back side of the fabric. Hand wash with cold water and enjoy.
Turn reusing toilet paper rolls into a fun learning experience for kids and teach them about growing plants all at the same time. Kids will love this easy toilet paper roll seedling pot tutorial from The Forked Spoon.

Learn how to make these cute leaf suncatchers with fresh fall leaves, contact paper, and our free printable templates from The Printable Fairy.
These crafts made with materials from nature are perfect for preschool aged children.
What better way to celebrate nature than to feed our feathered friends? Have your kids collect pine cones as the base of this project. Then, use nut butter to stick seeds to the cone. You can add a ribbon or string around the top, then have your kids hang them on the trees around the yard. Pinecone feeders are a great winter craft to help feed the birds when food is scarce.
This pine cone bird feeder craft is a great way for kids to learn about birds. It is an easy activity that is great for preschoolers and up. Kids will love watching birds come grab a snack. Two Pink Peonies provides a full tutorial for pinecone bird feeders.
You can create garlands with berries and popcorn to hang on trees around the yard as an alternative to pinecone feeders.
Who needs Lego when you can create your own army of stick people? Have your child collect sticks and help break or cut them into small, roughly even-sized pieces. Use acrylic paint and sharpies to create outfits, hair, and faces. Your child can make new friends or craft their stick people to look like people they know. 
These adorable little owl crafts are a fun fall nature craft that kids will love. They are great for decorating their room or your fall table! The natural craft materials in this project include pinecones, and acorns. Visit Crafts By Amanda to get the full pinecone owls tutorial.
I hope you enjoy these clever and cute nature craft ideas for you and your kids to try. Do you enjoy crafting with nature? Which natural materials are some of your favorites to use as craft supplies?
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I also think that it is very important to cultivate my artistic talent and the ability to observe nature so that I can gain the ability to gain different insights from details and life. In fact, I also found that some things can be cultivated through classes, including the above-mentioned So I also found some online courses to cultivate.
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