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Halloween, Independence Day and, yes, even Valentine’s Day—all holidays on a Monday in 2022. If you’re caring for an older adult, you’re probably wanting to do something special for your loved one, but Mondays sure make it hard to create elaborate plans.
For those of you staying in but still wanting to make the day special for the senior in your life, we compiled some fun crafts that will build in some quality time and allow you to celebrate the holiday together.
This simple but creative heart project uses what’s around you for endless possibilities. Pick up some driftwood, rocks, small twigs – whatever you can find around the house or the park – and put your glue gun to use. Perfect not just for Valentine’s but all-year enjoyment, this is a great project to do together with your older adult.
This may have to be a post-Valentine’s activity, but don’t throw those roses out! Instead, use them as a natural addition to a sugar scrub that will provide countless spa-like baths and showers in the months to come. All you need are the roses, three additional ingredients, a food processor and a little creativity.
If you’re like most people, coffee mugs tend to reproduce and accumulate in your kitchen cabinet, but here’s a creative way to breathe new life into one of those plain mugs collecting dust (and share a little love at the same time). Break out the Sharpies, find a heart sticker, and transform that mug into something that will make you and your loved one smile with each future cup of coffee.
Everyone can use more pillows, and this Valentine’s Day heart pillow is the perfect craft project for an older adult. Made with fabric scraps you probably already have on hand, these can be as small or large as you’d like—and require no sewing!
You know where they are—that box, drawer or bag full of old buttons. Instead of hoping to someday reunite them with their long-lost article of clothing, put them to good (re)use with this Etsy-inspired heart decoration that would make a perfect addition to a bedroom wall, bookshelf or bathroom. Yes, you could buy one of these, but an afternoon with the hot glue gun sounds like a lot more fun.
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