THE Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food Inc. (Pcafi) on Saturday urged President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to revive the practice of assigning agriculture technicians to every barangay (village) just like the way his father, former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr., did during his term.
“We hope that the President will assign agricultural technicians just like what his father did. For every 10 barangay, one agricultural technician is assigned to assist the farmers,” Pcafi President Danilo Fausto said, noting the initiative helped boost agricultural production.
Fausto commended Marcos for holding meetings with various farmers organizations to listen to their suggestions concerning the agriculture sector.
“He listened to the proposals from the industries aimed at improving the productivity of sectors concerned and the value chain,” he said, adding among the recommendations was the establishment of a mini agriculture center in villages.
“This is just like the Kadiwa Centers but widespread so that the farmers can easily sell their produce without going through the middlemen,” Fausto said.
He added that a cold storage facility would be of great help in a fishing village.
“The cold storage facility, ice plant and oven machine are necessary for our fishermen to help them.”
Fausto said forming agricultural cooperatives to assist the farmers was also discussed.
“The DA should help accelerate the establishment of cooperatives and associations so that farmers can own the mini agro-industrial center, with the assistance of the national government.”
Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura Executive Director Jayson Cainglet said there is a renewed enthusiasm to invest in the agriculture sector.
“Since the inauguration speech of the President, his marching order is clear, which is to support the local producers. We saw the difference from the previous government and farmers are motivated to invest in livestock, poultry and the milling industry,” he said.